Cloud Services

Trust us to keep your information secure in the cloud

If you’ve been thinking of switching your IT over to the cloud, you probably have a number of questions. Will your data be more secure? How easy is it to access your files and applications and work remotely? Does it cost more? Will it really allow you to free up space in your office as well as on your hard drives?

You might also be worried that the transition will mean downtime or hassle, but rest assured that Cloud Server Techs makes it easy. In addition to this we have all the answers to your questions and will help you smoothly migrate to a cloud-based storage solution.

Moving your data to the cloud frees you from the physical aspects of IT - it removes your servers as well as worries about their management and maintenance. When your data is in the cloud it is delivered to you over the Internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Tailored Cloud Services solutions from Cloud Server Techs are:

  • ​​​​​Expansive - your plan can be up- or downscaled in line with your business
  • ​​​​​Custom-built - we design and deploy a cloud IT solution that is uniquely yours
  • ​​​​​Available - store, view, edit and share your data wherever you are
  • ​​​​​Cost effective - the cloud lowers your costs and pays for itself in a short space of time

Once you move your data, servers and applications to cloud storage, you'll have more office space, lower costs, be able to upgrade your software and data in seconds across all your locations and platforms, and say goodbye to on-site technology management.

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